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Awesome Zip Lining in the Tree Tops

Lititz is known as America’s Coolest Small Town. Having lived here most of my life, I’ve got to admit it just keeps getting cooler. If you haven’t visited, you should. If you have, you should come back. Just recently I discovered something else about this coolest small town when my wife asked, “Did you know we’re only about 5 miles from the zip lines?”

“Seriously? No way!” I responded.

Sure enough we live just over 5 miles from Refreshing Mountain and their amazing zip line experience. I’ve been running and biking past it for years and never realized how close I was. My daughter, Jen, is home on fall break so we decided to check it out. With two daughters in college and our third in graduate school, my first thought was it would be way too expensive. Surprisingly it cost a lot less than I thought. Zip lining is super popular, so you have to make a reservation. We just went to their website, checked availability, and made a couple of reservations for the 12:30 PM Monday tour.

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day. Temps in the mid-60s, bright and sunny, very little breeze. It was perfect! The first thing we did was step into a full torso rock climbing harness that turned out to be quite comfortable. It included two safety cords and a zip line pulley with a handle. We were in a party of 8 plus 2 guides.

After a short walk through the woods we climbed about a dozen stairs into the trees. The very first thing our guides did was clip our safety cords to a cable. From that point on we were safely attached to cables the entire time. It couldn’t have been safer. When I asked how business was they said 20,000 people had been there over the summer. These folks know what they’re doing when it comes to providing an awesome yet safe experience.

We made our way up a rope bridge to a platform and the first of 7 different length zip lines. For the next 2 hours we zipped from tree to tree like a giant playground in the heavens. Half the fun was just hanging out on the platforms talking to the other people in the group, checking out the tree tops and the surrounding woodlands. It was amazing!

When we all got to a platform, a guide would zip to the next one. His job was to help escort you as you came in. To get started you stepped up onto a box directly under the zip line. The second guide fastened your zip line pulley/handle on the cable and secured the safety cords. They you just stepped off the platform and ZIPPED through the forest. It was incredible! I simply can’t describe it. You have to go and do it yourself.

Honestly, some of the people in our group were apprehensive at first. There were several people asking, “What on earth was I thinking?” But by the end of the experience everyone was relaxed, psyched, and having a blast. Even the most apprehensive were having so much fun they zipped upside down!

Afterwards Jen and I made our way back to Lititz and grabbed some lunch at Chocolate Café. It was an awesome way to wrap up an awesome experience.

Next time you’re visiting Lititz add a Zip Line experience at Refreshing Mountain. Or if you’re headed to Refreshing Mountain for a Zip Line experience be sure to drop in on Lititz, America’s Coolest Small Town.

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