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Wine tasting at Waltz Vineyards

A friend at work shared this story with me, and I would like to share it with you!

Since my husband was out of town on Saturday I thought I’d treat my son to lunch out at one of our favorite lunch spots – Garfield’s at the Best Western Eden Resort.  Lunch was great and the service, as always was superb!  We had their crab cake and rib special – which was their two specialty items on one plate.  No fillers in their crab at all and the ribs just fell off the bones.

Kim & Jan WaltzMy son said we should go to Waltz Vineyards since I had bragged about their wine to him and he never tasted it.  I am generally not spontaneous, but how many times would I get to have a special time with my son (who forgot his Blackberry – which made it even more special!)  As we were driving by the vineyards he couldn’t believe how perfectly aligned they were and how pristine they appeared.  He said they must have someone working 24/7 to keep them looking so perfect.  The tasting was such a nice experience – and the owners, Kim and Jan are so hospitable, making you feel right at home in their beautiful tasting room which features local artist’s work.

It was nice to see a group of girlfriends gather outside at the picnic table with a bottle of wine – a young couple having lunch at the tables with their glass of wine – every age group seemed to be having a great time.  Kim serves you a plate of local treats with your tasting – September Farm Cheese made in nearby Honey Brook (you have to try it!) as well as Wilbur chocolate and a local bread.  We ended up purchasing some of their award winning wines.  I know I can fill his Christmas stocking with a one stop visit to Waltz’s!

The town of Bird-in-Hand

One of the most well-known towns in Lancaster County is Bird-in-Hand. The village was established in the 1700s, and at that time it served as a rest stop for travelers heading west. Inns were identified by hand-painted signs since pictures could be understood by all travelers, no matter what their nationality or educational level was. The 18th century inn sign that inspired this town’s name literally depicted a man with a bird in his hand!

One of my absolute favorite places to go when I’m riding through Bird-in-Hand is Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market, where I can pick my own fruit, fresh! I love markets, so Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market is another stop that’s a must. I can get fresh fruit, great meats, kettle corn (one of my favorites), canned goods and loads of other things. My husband & I love mini-golf, and one of our favorite courses in Lancaster is Water’s Edge – and they make a mean milk shake!

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