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Hauntings at the Fulton Theatre

If you’re ever at the Fulton Theatre and hear an ear piercing note shatter the air, don’t necessarily assume it’s coming from rehearsals…

Lancaster’s Fulton Opera House opened in 1852 as the Fulton Hall, and the “Grand Old Lady” has seen performances from Sarah Bernhardt, Al Jolson, Helen Hayes, W.C. Fields, Mark Twain, Irene Dunne and Marcel Marceau as well as many others. It’s a historic landmark and now is the home to wonderful Broadway calibre shows.

I’ve been told by a co-worker of mine who volunteers there on weekends that once you’re inside the old building, you can hear the sound of the piano playing itself and phantom applause. If you’re looking for local haunts, the Fulton Theatre is a great place to visit.

The Fulton House was built partially over the foundations of the old Lancaster jail. Fourteen Conestoga Indians that escaped from the Paxton Boys massacre were once housed there. They were in jail to protect them from the anti-Indian hysteria of the time, but unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. A mob rushed the jail, took the Indians and then tortured and killed them. It’s said you can still hear the screams of the Conestogas from the corner of the building built over the old prison’s foundation.

So the next time you’re looking for a spooky place to visit, head on over to the Fulton Opera House! Have a happy Halloween!

PA Dutch Country Pumpkins

If you’re driving around Lancaster County in the fall, you’ll see lots of little roadside stands with pumpkins & gourds for sale. It’s popular to decorate the front porch is with some corn stalks, mums, and pumpkins & gourds. It’s such a good reminder of the harvest season! Some people just put whole pumpkins on the porch or step without carving them, but for my husband & I, carving pumpkins is a favorite tradition of the Fall season!

We get together with his family and everyone carves a pumpkin. We really stepped up our game this year, and printed out stencils to use. My sister-in-law, Abbie, carved a silly face into the pumpkin, the only traditional one of the bunch. I was brave, and printed out one maple leaf, and carved it into the pumpkin several times. It turned out better than I thought it would!

Have you carved your pumpkin yet this season? If not, head to Lancaster County where you’ll get the very BEST selection of pumpkins along the road, plus the experience of stopping at roadside stands is one that you’ll never forget! : ) Happy Harvest!

Top 3 ways to experience autumn in Amish Country

1. A hot air balloon ride
What better way to experience the leaves turning and the fields being harvested than from above? You’ll be able to see for miles from a hot air balloon with Balloon Rides Daily by the United States Hot Air Balloon Team. You’ll be able to see clusters of trees that are turning yellows, oranges, or bright & deep reds, and fields that are perfectly manicured. This is probably the most breathtaking way to create memories of Lancaster County in ANY season!

2. A scooter ride
This is probably one of the most unique ways to tour Amish Country. You can experience the sights and smells of Lancaster County while riding around the back roads on a scooter.

3. Harvest Events
Lancaster County has got lots of great harvest events. The Harvest Festival at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is great – Saturdays through October 30 – you can pick pumpkins, pick a ear of popcorn, and explore the Amazing Maize Maze that has turned from deep green to the warm, harvest shades of tan & brown. Check out our Events Calendar for more!

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