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Railroad Museum of PA

Growing up, my Poppop had a model train set, well, more than just a set – he had TONS of stuff. He would hook them up each Christmas, and the display would change each year. His love for trains went back to when he was young and would hop trains to get to the next town.

A few weeks ago, he came out with me to go to the Railroad Museum of PA and check out the life size trains. He taught me that you would classify the steam locomotives by the number of big & little wheels. For example, 4-6-4 represents the wheel arrangement of four leading wheels (two on each side), six driving wheels (three on each side), and four trailing wheels (two on each side). So he tested my sister and I as we walked around, we’d have to classify each train.You can test yourself with a great worksheet found here.

We really enjoyed hearing his stories of hopping trains, and being careful to hop off before getting to the station where you could get caught! Our favorite room to go through was the Stewart Junction, railway education center – great for kids! You can take a challenge, a hands-on model train layout Stewart Junctionwith five different towns, where you can run the trains and couple & uncouple the trains. There are lots of building things, like legos, wooden trains, Fisher Price’s GeoTrax, a live steam demonstration and more hands-on stuff!

So if you haven’t been to the Railroad Museum of PA, I’d definitely recommend it. We had a blast looking at both the full size trains and spending time playing with the kids stuff too! More about our trip through Strasburg to come!

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