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Proper road etiquette around buggies

The question usually arises, “What’s the proper etiquette  for driving on the road with buggies, visiting their farms, or taking photos of the Amish.” We’ve pulled together a few bullets here for you, if you happen to be wondering!

  • Do not trespass on Amish farms, homesteads, or schools in session. There are several settings where you can visit a working farm, take a buggy ride, or ever stay over at an Amish farm. These experiences will definitely give you a taste of Amish lifestyle.
  • Photographs. The Amish have a strongly held belief that photographic images violate the biblical injunction against graven images and promote the sins of personal vanity and pride. Taking pictures of their land and animals is permissible; taking pictures of them is not.
  • Watch the road! Roads in Lancaster County have especially wide shoulders to accommodate horses, buggies, and tractors. Buggies are marked with red reflective triangles and lights at night. It’s preferable to slow down to Amish paces. Honking disturbs the horses. You can pass buggies, but be cautious, ensuring there is no oncoming traffic.

We hope these three things will help you to be more informed on your next visit to Lancaster! Thank you for being respectful of our culture.

A Bed & Breakfast to rave about

I received this wonderful review of a visitor’s stay at the Pond View Farm, and asked her permission to share it with you, our readers! If you’ve ever thought about staying at a B&B, especially one where you can learn more about the Amish way of life, this would be a wonderful one to try!

“We stayed one night with Pondview B&B.  John and Nancy Fisher and their children were lovely.

The guest house is 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, huge kitchen (full kitchen with all appliances except a microwave oven) electricity throughout the house, living room, huge dining room.  Beautiful grounds.  The family gave us a tour of their dairy farm operations which was very informative.

There’s plenty of things for kids to do.  The farmer’s kids can take children on a pony ride, and to visit with their pet rabbits, cats, dogs, etc.  We fed the calves with giant baby bottles and that was fun for us as adults, but of course, it would be a lot of fun for kids to do.

It was $95.00 for the two of us (2 adults) to stay there, but the house is huge and can accommodate a lot more people.  I think they said the price is different for a larger group. They accept cash or money orders only.

One of the bedrooms is downstairs, and the rest are upstairs.  There’s no air conditioning, but we opened the windows and they had box fans for us to use, so we were comfortable.

Their 63 acre property is beautiful, well manicured, and there’s a shaded area for a picnic.  Most importantly, the family was really sweet, and answered all our questions about Amish life.  They were a real joy to meet.”

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