Ginza Sushi

Five Great International Restaurants in Lancaster County

Lancaster County is famous for our PA Dutch style cooking – mashed potatoes, ham and fried chicken, and lots of butter. When you visit, you’ll be happy to know that our dining horizons expand beyond the traditional foods – you’ll find ethnic restaurants serving Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Indian cuisine and more.

1. Sa La Thai Restaurant
Located in the heart of Downtown Lancaster, Sa La Thai has delicious food and a nice atmosphere. They cook to order, so everything is fresh. One of my favorites is the coconut soup. It is a BYOB, so feel free to bring a bottle of wine to pair with your food!

2. Red Rose Restaurant
Greek Day! Need I say more? The Red Rose has Greek Day every last Friday of the month, with a special menu. It’s one of those nice restaurants that has the small-corner restaurant vibe (which suits, as it IS a small-corner restaurant)! They’ve got wonderful homemade food, with great prices. The staff is really friendly. I recommend their wraps – they don’t use deli meat, they make a fresh turkey each day and carve it up just for the sandwiches – and I do love the Pastrami as well.

3. Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie
Rachel's Cafe & CreperieRachel’s Creperie has crepes for any meal of the day, not just breakfast and dessert. This is a charming shop in the heart of Downtown Lancaster. The crepes are made fresh – be careful though, they’re addictive! You can either order off the menu, or build your own crepe – some of my favorites on the menu are the Steak & Eggs, Ham & Brie, and The Capri. Dessert crepes are delicious as well: my favorite is the Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Crepe! When you go, be prepared for a slight wait (about 10 minutes) especially on the weekends – but the wait is definitely worth it! This is a BYOB/W establishment.

4. Pasquale’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant
Looking for some good ol’ Italian food? Subs, pasta or pizza? Pasquale’s is the place to be! There is a take-out on the left and a dining room to sit down & eat at on the right. The restaurant is set up as an Italian village, complete with walls covered in murals with windows, doors, and flowers, and you can dine in small alcoves. You really feel like you’ve stepped into Little Italy! Their subs are my favorite to get for lunch! You can get some good coupons from their site here. This is the one place you can be in two places at once – Italy and Lancaster County!

5. Ginza Sushi
If you’re looking for a quick place to stop for sushi, Ginza is the place to go. Their entrees and appetizers are good as well, if you’re taking someone along who is not into sushi. The staff is very friendly, and the location is great – right off of route 30. Their spicy crab roll is amazing.

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