Miller’s Smorgasbord

My sister Abby came to visit me this past weekend. I knew she was arriving Friday night, but I wasn’t sure what time, so I planned to go out to eat with her. She ended up not getting in until later, so we just ordered pizza, and decided to go out for lunch on Saturday!

I wanted to pick a restaurant that she hadn’t ever been to, and she wanted PA Dutch food, so I picked Miller’s, one of Lancaster County’s finest smorgasbords! One of the things that I really like about Miller’s, and something that surprised my sister, is that most buffet style restaurants are one flat price, not matter what you plan to eat. Miller’s offers different meal options, so if you’re just going to have soup & salad, you pay a lower rate than having the whole smorgasbord!

When you go into Miller’s they’ve got some of the history on the walls (with photos, etc.). Did you know that it’s been around since 1929 – almost 100 years! The food is amazing. They’ve got hot entrees, a soup station, a salad station, carving stations, dessert, bread, appetizers, and much more! I got my favorite, mashed potatoes (made from REAL potatoes, not just a box), with fried chicken, squash, green beans, a roll, and some other great food. For dessert, I had a slice of apple pie. All delicious.

One other great thing about heading to Miller’s is that they buy local – everything is cooked from scratch. And, they’ve added wine, beer, and cocktails to their menu – including some made from their own Genuine Shoofly Liqueur. We’ve got a bottle of the Shoofly Liqueur – and it’s not just good in drinks – it’s fantastic over vanilla ice cream! I think it will be great in the summer, when it’s too hot for me to want to make a pie, but I’m missing the taste of shoo-fly – I can have it over ice cream!

After we were done eating, we stopped out at the bakery & gift shop – where you can get tons of different things, including some of Miller’s canned jams, chow-chow, beets, fruit, and much more. To see more of what they have to offer at the store, click here.



About Sarah

Sarah grew up in Philly and moved to Lancaster permanently after meeting her husband. She loves being outside, and finds joy in little wonders, taking her kids for a stroll downtown or a hike in the southern end, and is always up for trying something new. If you're familiar with Lancaster County at all, and have been to Central Market, you may run into her father-in-law, as he's the owner of Long's Horseradish!

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