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A seasoning for everything

Growing up in my household, seasoning a meal involved salt, pepper, or ketchup. (Sorry mom and dad, I know you really didn’t have time to cook.) Now that I have a household of my own and am learning to cook for myself, I am exploring new flavors and seasonings in my dishes. Enter Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics, a shop I discovered in downtown Lititz.

The entrance of this store was totally deceiving. It looks small from the outside, but it’s spacious in the inside – it has to be in order to hold the 75 different flavors of olive oils and balsamics that they sell there. Yes, you read that correctly, 75! Now I realize at this point that some of you may be thinking that seems a little overwhelming and you wouldn’t know where to begin, but the owners of the store are extremely helpful and will answer any questions you have. They even have a pairing sheet to tell you which olive oils and balsamics pair well together if you are feeling a bit intimidated.

I wanted to find something unique and surprising, so I started tasting my way around the store. Some of my favorites were the Fig, Lavender, and Honey Ginger balsamics. I also really enjoyed the Basil/Lemongrass, Persian Lime, and Herbs de Provence Olive Oils. Curious to try some of the olive oil and balsamic pairings, I decided to make another sweep of the shop. My favorite combination was the Tuscan Herb EVOO with the Fig balsamic, so delicious! There are so many unique and wonderful flavors you can combine to make your perfect pairing. The most surprising one to me was Chipotle infused EVOO with Chocolate balsamic. A steak marinated in this delicious combination would make for a unique and different meal at a dinner party.

Olio sells their olive oils and balsamic in 3 different sizes and they do not add any sugars to their products. They also carry several unflavored oils and balsamics, specialty oils, salts, sugars, pasta sauces, flavored honey, and skin care products. Not only can you shop their retail store for products, but you can purchase online as well. They will ship anywhere in the U.S. and will also make and ship gift baskets.

I got some great suggestions for recipes while I was visiting the shop. Pete, the owner suggested trying the Chocolate balsamic on ice cream for a sugar-free topping option. What a great idea! He also recommended the Honey Ginger balsamic on fish, especially salmon. I decided to purchase that one as well as the Mandarin Orange white balsamic.

The next night, I made honey-ginger salmon for dinner. It was so easy – all I did was marinate the salmon in the balsamic for about 15 minutes, then cooked it in a pan on the stove. Add your sides, and you have a really simple and delicious meal! I saved the Mandarin Orange balsamic for cocktails during girls’ night. Who knew you could infuse your cocktails with balsamics?

Olio is a great place to shop for anyone from a home cook to a pro chef. With so many options and flavors, the recipe possibilities are endless.

You can visit Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics’ website (oliooliveoil.com) for their complete list of products as well as recipes, or follow them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/OlioOliveOil) for weekly recipe ideas and events.

Ingredients for Mandarin Orange Ginger cocktails:
- 1 oz. vodka
- 5 oz. club soda
- 1 tsp. Olio Mandarin Orange balsamic (start with this amount, you can always add more to taste)
- Splash of ginger beer
- Orange slices for garnish

Step 1: Add the balsamic and vodka and stir to combine. Pour into a glass and add ice.
Step 2: Add the club soda to the infused vodka and stir.
Step 3: Top with a splash of ginger beer.
Step 4: Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!



Dinosaurs, planets, bones and more

The North Museum of Natural History and Science, over 50 years old and located near historic Downtown Lancaster, allows children to explore everything from outer space to precious rocks to dinosaurs. Children are encouraged to touch and investigate what’s in the museum. Behind every nook and cranny there’s more to see and discover.

My daughter, Sophia, and I started out in the Living Animal Room. We saw lizards, snakes, turtles, and more. From there we went to the Discovery Room – Sophia’s favorite place – where she was able to touch antlers, hold hooves, and see a spider legs up close. What I loved most about this room was that Sophia thought she was playing… but I knew that she was learning. This room provided a fun and safe way to interact with life and science that would otherwise be nearly impossible.

Next we went to the planetarium where many enjoy exploring the galaxy. We chose, however, to see the National Geographic special, Sea Monsters. This featured film follows one prehistoric, ocean-dwelling dinosaur family from start of their life to fossilization. The planetarium features a variety of educational movies, but you can always count on the Night Sky Tour for an awe-inspiring look at millions of stars, fascinating constellations, and unusual planets. For a limited time only, younger viewers can watch Big Bird and Elmo take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street through the starry night sky to the moon in One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure.

Many exhibits in the North Museum  - such as the Dinosaur Gallery (you can touch and examine dino claws, teeth, and bones) – are permanent, others are temporary. When we went, the temporary exhibit on display was Race: Are we so different? The exhibit confronts the misconceptions of race and investigates how human variation has shaped our culture and what the future holds for our society. The exhibit explores racism, equality, diversity, prejudice, social justice, ethnic and cultural differences, and ways to make things better.

Cabinet collections are featured on lower level of the museum. We found birds of every type and size – more than we could count. There were also minerals and precious rocks on display. Sophia enjoyed the Dichotomous Cabinet the most. From snakes to butterflies, pulling out each individual drawer revealed more surprises. In this area there’s also a Lego play station – Sophia liked that, too.

After all our exploring and discovering, we stopped at the onsite gift shop to check out souvenirs and science-related gifts. Sophia picked out a small dinosaur egg that, when submerged in water for 48 hours, will hatch. This inexpensive keep-sake will indeed remind her of her adventures at the Museum.

We had an enjoyable time and look forward to a return visit. Conveniently, the Museum is open every day of the week except Monday. For more information and pricing, visit www.northmuseum.org.




Getting “the perfect shot”

Nearly every great, small business has extraordinary people behind it. Tashina Roberson and her business partner, Brian Donnelly, are those extraordinary people behind Studio 841, a photography studio located in Downtown Lancaster, that specializes in food, portrait, and wedding photography.

Tashina and associate photographer, Whitney Huff, have a knack for capturing candid moments – those human moments like laughter, warm embraces, and silliness that sometimes escape the camera in the rush to capture a posed, smiling face. They go to great lengths to get the perfect shot in the studio, in the city, on location, or in one of the great parks in the area.

I experienced Tashina’s passion for getting the perfect shot first hand as she took my two sons, wife, and I out to Rockford Plantation, a bucolic, historic Revolutionary-era 18th century home in the Lancaster County Central Park. With two young children (ages 5 and 1), we were just hoping to get them looking in the right direction and smiling at the same time. We got so much more.

Tashina was exceptionally patient through the entire session, mixing poses with moments for candid interactions. We posed as a family at some choice spots around the grounds. Then we just had fun, trying to get each other to smile, setting the boys free to play, and collapsing in laughter. I knew Tashina was capturing every special moment as she laid flat in the tall grass to get a photo of our boys rolling around. The entire time she remained composed and in control.

It’s clear to me that Studio 841 can meet anyone’s wishes for their photo session whether it’s a 30-minute portrait shoot, an all-day wedding, corporate head shots, or your wildest dream.

Next time you’re considering a photographer for an event or portraits, you’ll know one that will meet your dreams with a passion.

Below are photos by Tashina and her team. To learn more about Studio 841 and to see more of their work, visit them at www.eightfourone.com.






Dairy Farming at Verdant View Farm

Summer is a wonderful time to take a trip to a dairy farm. My family did just that by taking the Farmland Fun Tour at Verdant View Farm in Paradise, PA. Located smack dab in the middle of Amish Country, Verdant View Farm offers visitors a chance to see what happens on a working dairy farm.

We met up with Patrick and Elise Fleming who give the Farmland Fun tours at Verdant View. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday in July. Our tour was at 3:00 PM and it began right on time. Patrick introduced himself, shared the history of the farm, and then took us to meet our first animal friends of the day, the rabbits.

Another farm friend showed up around this time. We all got to meet Scooby, the farm dog. Scooby is a four year old Border Collie born whoon the 4th of July. Everyone fell in love with him. We learned all about his important jobs on the farm like keeping the goats where they belong and protecting the chickens from foxes.

Next Patrick took us on a tour of the barn where there was a special surprise - a hay maze for the children (unfortunately I was too tall to go through). The barn, built in 1923, contains no nails and all the beams were cut from just one tree. The kids learned why barns have two stories and got to feed some cows in the process.

Then Patrick handed out some corn and we went to feed the goats. We met two-day-old goat twins named Gilbert and Sullivan plus quite a few others that we were able to feed. As we were visiting the goats, the steam train from the Strasburg Rail Road puffed by. The railroad runs through the farm, so it is easy to get a good look at the train while you are visiting.

It was hard to leave the cute baby goats, but it was time to take the tractor-driven wagon ride around the farm (the wagon is wheelchair accessible so everyone can take part in the tour). We joined the folks in Elisa’s “Farmer’s Apprentice” tour as Patrick drove us to the highest point of the farm to see the “Verdant View.” Though Verdant View is not an Amish farm, it has Amish neighbors and some of the farm land is rented out to Amish farmers for growing tobacco. Patrick gave us an overview of the farm’s crops and answered questions about dairy farming.

Their Farmer’s Apprentice Program is wonderful. If your family wants more hands-on learning, you can sign up for one of four apprenticeships: cheese making, animal care, backyard chickens, and homemade ice cream. Our family did the Farmland Fun tour and not the Farmer’s Apprentice, so I can’t give lots of details about it, but I can tell you that the Apprentice group we saw got to feed the baby cows with a bottle!

After the wagon ride we met the chickens and ducks. The kids loved the chickens and even got to pick them up, but eventually we had to leave all those clucking hens to visit the heart of the dairy operation – the cows! Our kids were fascinated to see the cows up close and feed them. There was some “cow-licking” of hands, but since cows don’t have upper teeth there is no way for them to bite. (Don’t worry, there are hand washing stations at the farm so everyone can clean up real good before going home.)Our kids had so much fun feeding the cows that they forgot that Patrick said they could milk one. Down into the milking parlor we went. Anyone who wanted to try their hand at milking a cow could. Afterward, we went to see the baby calves.

After our farm tour, my daughter decided that she wanted to hold a rabbit (she was too scared the first time), my son wanted to swing from the large tree in the barnyard, and I decided to snap pictures of the Strasburg steam train as it passed by. We all washed our hands before leaving and said goodbye to Patrick and Scooby. The kids said their favorite part of the day was feeding the cows and the goats.

In addition to offering the Farmland Fun tours, Verdant View Farm is also a Bed and Breakfast. They’ve given people overnight experiences since 1967. If your family needs a quiet place to stay while visiting Amish country or Strasburg which is VERY close, this would be the place to do it. Lots of room options and a full breakfast every day except Sunday.

My family had a great time taking the Farmland Fun tour at Verdant View Farm and meeting Scooby and all his friends. We absolutely would visit again, but next time we’d like to do one of the Farmer’s Apprentice programs.

To learn more, visit www.farmlandfun.com.



Country Home Furniture means quality

There’s nothing like solid wood furniture. Each piece commands just a moment of your time to appreciate every detail in the grain of wood, the glow of the finish, and the smooth texture. You also have to admire and deeply appreciate that each piece also represents the craftsmanship and care of its maker. At Country Home Furniture in northern Lancaster County, each piece of solid wood furniture is hand made in North America, and they boast the largest selection of authentic Amish-made items. From long elegant dining room sets, to modern and luxurious bedroom sets, the quality and style is exquisite.

Upon entering the store, I was greeted warmly by Michelle, who has over 10 years of experience in the business. Michelle and I browsed through the showroom, admiring all the beautiful displays. Dining room sets, hutches, free-standing islands for the kitchen… all hand-made, and each uniquely stunning. As we walked through the showcase of bedroom suites, I admired several of the bed sets that featured space-saving drawers underneath. I also enjoyed some of the creative ways that secret compartments were built into mirrors and bedside tables. My favorite item was a standing, rotating mirror that, with just a quick turn, revealed a secret compartment for jewelry and storage on the reverse side. Michelle noted that one of her favorite creations was an intricate Amish-made wine hutch located near the front entrance, and with a smile, she said “people don’t believe me sometimes, but yes, the Amish do make wine racks!”

In each area of the showroom, there are large displays showing the wide variety of woods, finishes, and hardware that are available to customize each piece. I joked that Michelle must be something of a naturalist to know and understand the qualities of each type of wood, especially color, tendencies, and durability. Her many years of service in the industry certainly made Michelle very knowledgeable. From rustic cherry to oak to hard rock maple, she explained that each type of wood has its own unique “personality.” In addition to the large variety of new-wood styles, Country Home Furniture also offers a number of items made with reclaimed woods. This widely popular design trend takes wood that might exceed one hundred years old and accentuates its uniqueness while turning it into a beautiful new creation.

For those who might not find something to their taste in the showroom, the design team will create custom furniture to achieve most any architectural vision. Then, to complete the look of any room, Country Home Furniture also offers a wide selection of sofas, recliners, gliders, and rocking chairs, as well as home décor and accessories.

Once you’ve accomplished your shopping goals, you’ll surely want to celebrate your purchases with a delicious meal. Luckily, Country Home Furniture is located in the same complex as the famous Shady Maple Smorgasbord! High quality shopping and satisfying PA Dutch food – that’s a winning combination for anyone!

To learn more about Country Home Furniture and their wide variety of quality furniture, go to www.chfs1.com.


Come take a tour, research, and explore

If you love history like I do, you must visit LancasterHistory.org.

Located outside Downtown Lancaster, the LancasterHistory.org campus includes the historic grounds and gardens of Wheatland (President James Buchanan’s home), the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum (featuring more than 100 species of trees from around the world), and the headquarters of the Lancaster County’s Historical Society (including 15,000 objects, 45,000 historic photographs, and 1 million archival manuscripts).

Wheatland is the historic house museum of the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan, the only bachelor president and only one from Pennsylvania. You will start your tour at the Wheatland Visitor Center where you can see on display rare political memorabilia and personal artifacts belonging to Buchanan and other members of the Buchanan family and watch a short introductory film in preparation for your tour. Your knowledgeable guide will take you through both the public and private rooms of the Federal style mansion, giving glimpses into Buchanan’s everyday life both as a public servant and family man. Unlike many other house museum, Wheatland has historically precise rooms and many original artifacts.

The Historical Society’s research library houses documentation of births, deaths, divorces, as well as tax records, ownership records, directories, and maps. Not only to guests to the library have access to these documents and records, they can also use the library’s Ancestory.com membership to research genealogy. Want to learn more about Lancaster County’s history and how your family may be connected? This is the place to start. If you get stuck, helpful staff members are ready and eager to assist. The current Historical Society exhibit is “Country, Commonwealth, and Country, A Guide to the Exhibition.” It intertwines the stories of Lancaster, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States of America. If you venture downstairs, you can get a glimpse, through an observation window, of their collection in storage.

While you’re on site, be sure to check out the frog pond next to the campus entrance. Although now artificial, it’s where Buchanan’s spring-fed pond was once located. It was his favorite place to sit and reflect. And don’t miss the green ash tree next to the drive way near the corner of Wheatland – it’s estimated to be over 350 years old!

Before you leave, stop by the museum store for your choice of historical books, period art, local goods, and more. Don’t leave without a treasure to take home.

Visit www.lancasterhistory.org to learn about special events, tours, exhibitions, lectures, and more. And remember, for those history buffs who are impossible to buy for, yearly memberships are available!



Tubing down the Pequea Creek

Myself and a few coworkers decided to check out Sickman’s Mill Tubing. Yes, tubing. Something that none of us had done in years. Let me say, we had a blast!

After driving on winding back roads through beautiful Lancaster County, we found our destination. The large, beautiful stone mill greeted us as we entered the property. The mill, adjacent barn, fresh country air, and the nearby creek – full and flowing – made us feel like we were stepping into one of the adventures of Huckleberry Fin.

We were greeted by Trina, whose family owns the property. She was kind and hospitable. Excited to go tubing, we signed the waiver forms and headed to the barn to pick up our canvas-covered tubes. There we were instructed on what to expect during our tubing adventure.

As we entered the creek, we felt the cool water surround our legs – it felt wonderful. Once we climbed into our tubes, the water did the rest. From calm water to mini rapids, we spent approximately an hour drifting along the two mile stretch of the tree lined Pequea Creek. We laughed a lot and enjoyed relaxing together. As we neared our exit, we jumped off our tubes and ascended up the small hill toward the meeting point. There the shuttle van conveniently picked up us (and our tubes) and returned us to the Sickman’s Mill property. I highly recommend wearing water shoes or old sneakers, sunscreen, and bug spray for this trip; and it would be good to bring a towel and a change of clothing.

We were pleasantly surprised by the other offerings that Sickman’s Mill has in addition to tubing. If you’re looking for a longer experience, you can sign up for their reservation-only kayak tube trip that lasts anywhere from 3-5 hours with a distance of about 7 miles. You can also enjoy a self-guided tour of the 4 1/2 story mill. Hungry? No problem. You can bring a picnic or buy food from their reasonably priced snack bar. If you’re planning a trip to Lancaster, you can rent their onsite, air-conditioned A-frame house which has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, and can up to 12 people comfortably.

Sickman’s Mill has everything you need for a getaway – lodging, water activities, and beautiful scenery.

For more information, hours of operation, and pricing, visit www.sickmansmill.com.



Nxtbook Media – the Google of Lancaster

While not technically a tourist destination, Nxtbook Media is certainly a sight to be seen. Often called “the Google of Lancaster,” Nxtbook Media is determined to show the world that while Lancaster might be smaller than many cities, it is big and mighty in the tech world. July has been an exciting time at Nxtbook as they moved into their expanded location in the trendy Urban Place complex on New Holland Avenue. The historic architecture of the building is juxtaposed with the futuristic vibe of the renovated space.

The firm specializes in strategic marketing, brand management, technology solutions, digital content management, and workplace leadership. What allows them to excel is their progressive corporate culture of creativity, teamwork, and collaboration. “We exist to inspire,” reads the beginning of their vision statement. They have over 600 clients in over 20 countries throughout the world, and even have a sister office in Manchester, England, to whom they pay tribute with a large, red phone booth in their lobby. Over 2 million users access the digital content they manage. Want an “app?” They can do that. Want to produce a video? They can do that. Want to host your company presentation in their state of the art theatre? Sure, they can do that too. Or, if you just want to stare in awe at all the blinkey lights in their multi-color LED-illuminated server room, that’s probably ok too, because I have to admit – I did.

To increase productivity and creativity, Nxtbook’s 57 employees are provided with hula hoops, brain teaser games, inspiration stations, and even encouraged to “blow off steam” and regain concentration by engaging in an occasional Nerf gun battle! (Of course, to align with their mission, employees must donate to a designated charity to participate in the Nerf battles.) To excel in wellness, the organization sponsors employee running clubs (with employee running goals posted on their wall) and healthy snacks in their two kitchens. Employees are provided with modified desks if they wish to stand at their computer rather than sit, and ergonomic positioning of chairs, keyboards, etc., is apparent everywhere. It’s no wonder they are consistently rated by Central Penn Business Journal as one of the region’s best places to work.

Nxtbook also believes in giving back to the community, and supports many local charities including Pet Pantry of Lancaster, One Run Together, and JDRF. However, if you’re wondering if they raise money by the typical dinner gala, think again! Try Chocolate syrup chugging contests, communal meals, water wars, beard growing contests, and, of course, the previously mentioned Nerf gun wars.

So, if you thought that the only technology in Lancaster County is found plowing through a corn field, think again! Nxtbook is creating an awesome trend with it’s amazing people, amazing culture, and collaborative heart of gold.

To learn more, go to www.nxtbookmedia.com.



Gun shop and indoor range worth a shot

Trop Gun Shop and Indoor Range is an amazing place – it has everything a novice or expert could ever want or need. Whether you’re already familiar with guns or want to learn how to properly handle and shoot one, this is the place.

They offer retail and online stores, on-site armory (staff who can make modifications to firearms that are simplistic but still require expertise) and gunsmithing (staff who can make substantial alterations to a firearm including fabrication of new components), state-of-the-art indoor range, training courses, and more.

My friend, Julie, and I felt overwhelmed as we walked into the retail store. The store was filled with guns, ammo, optics, apparel, survival gear, knives, and NFA (Class III) items. You name it, it was there. The staff is knowledgeable and eager to help no matter how little (or much) you know.

Located in the building, behind the retail space, is the shooting range. It was very impressive to say the least. It was clean, well lit, and had a low-wind air purification system. If you don’t have your own ear and/or eye protection, you can rent it there. If you don’t have a gun, no problem. You can also rent a gun for as low as $5. The only item you must buy or bring along is ammunition.

Above the store and range is The Club, a stylish meeting space that is professional enough for a corporate event, yet intimate enough for a private party. The Club boasts amenities such as seven flat screen televisions, kitchen for catering, coffee bar, café tables, booths, and sofas, and access to a private balcony. Anyone can use the space, but advanced reservations are required.

Because I had never shot a gun, there was no better time to learn than the present. Cindy, the knowledgeable staff member who had given Julie and I the grand tour, was ready and willing to educated us in gun safety and use. After watching a short video and reading the range rules, Cindy gathered ear and eye protection for us to use. The firearm of choice: a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol. Cindy, an awesome instructor and competitive practitioner, helped us to feel empowered as we learned the proper way to carry, hold, load, and shoot the pistol. Then it was “go” time. Julie and I felt nervous. We put on our protective wear and entered the range. (It was loud inside the enclosed range. We were glad to have ear protection!)

Once in our stall, I picked up the gun as instructed, carefully loaded the magazine into the pistol, then I gripped tightly, ready to fire. I slowly squeezed the trigger… and BAM! With a little recoil, the bullet blew through the target and the cartridge flew through the air. Awesome!

After we got our first shots out of the way, the nervousness began to dissipate. We spent about 45 minutes in the range practicing – with Cindy close by, of course. I happened to be a pretty good shot. I was able to keep all of my shots within the 10 point range, two bullets even hit the bulls eye. Not bad for a beginner, eh?

So, will Julie and I go back to the indoor range? Absolutely yes!

We admittedly had a great experience from the moment we walked in the store to the moment we put down our 9mm. Whether a novice or expert, we recommend that you plan a visit.

To learn more, go to www.tropgun.com.




Long Johns, candles, animals, and more

You don’t often hear about Leola, PA, but nestled in the heart of PA Dutch Country is a quaint town worth visiting. My sister, our two kiddos, and I decided to spend the day in this town, discovering it’s treasures.

We started our day at Achenbach’s Pastry. They are known throughout the County for their baked goods, but particularly for their Long Johns (a long, almost rectangular, filled doughnut, often iced). But beyond their Long Johns, all of their pastries are amazing and, best of all, they contain no preservatives and are served straight from the oven to the customer… can’t beat that! From cinnamon buns and breads to pies and cakes, this place has it all.

The kids gravitated to the chocolate covered doughnuts, I chose a peanut butter Long John and a chocolate Long John (don’t judge me), and my sister picked out a cheese danish. With pastries in one hand and drinks in the other, we headed outside to sit at a picnic table. If the weather is poor, there are a couple indoor tables at which you can sit. Otherwise, head back to your hotel room or to your favorite indoor spot to devour your goodies. If you’re looking for made-to-order cakes (birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding or otherwise), this is bakery you must check out.

After our sweet and satisfying breakfast, we headed to Hayloft Candles & Petting Zoo just down the road. As soon as we pulled in, the kids spotted the petting zoo. It was larger than I expected. It was clean, well kept, and the admission is free. We gave quarters to the kids so that they could buy food to feed to the animals. They were so excited to meet, feed, and pet the animals. In the middle of the zoo is an beautiful pond surrounded by a walking path. We walked around the lake, fed the ducks, then met the another animals. The zoo has goats, birds, ducks, bunnies, chickens, donkeys, a Scottish Highlander (a breed of cow), llama, peacock, kangaroo, and more. We enjoyed feeding the Scottish Highlander most. His tongue was so large and unusual – the kids giggled with delight as the mammoth animal licked the food from their hands.

After 45 minutes of free outdoor entertainment, we headed inside the store. It’s large! It has two floors filled to the rafters with home décor. From homemade candles of every size and scent to decorative wreaths, knick knacks, and postcards, they have everything. A shopping dream come true! They also have homemade ice cream and refreshments for purchase.

I would say that Hayloft Candles & Petting Zoo is a destination that everyone should put on their itinerary. The location is great, and the scenery beautiful, plus there’s so much to do… and buy.

Our stomach’s began to rumble, so we packed in the car and headed to The Back Page Restaurant, only a stone’s throw away. What a surprise! We didn’t know what to expect going there, but what we found was a casual sports bar with a great beer selection, a spacious family-friendly seating area, an adjoining game room complete with billiards, air hockey, video games, and a patio with a fully equipped Tiki bar. The atmosphere felt comfortable and welcoming.We chose to pile into booth near the game room. Deciding to give their appetizers a try, we ordered Garlic Herb and Mozzarella Crustini, Quesadillas, and Beer-Battered Onion Rings. Everything was absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. Between myself, my sister, and the kids, we devoured every last bite.

We had a blast together and enjoyed the treasures we found in Leola. Be sure to put this town on your “must do” list for the next time you visit Lancaster County!



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