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Print your free PA Dutch Valentine

I’m always looking for a way to send Valentines Day cards with my son that don’t include candy, because I feel slightly guilty giving chocolate away to small children. I recently saw something that made me recall my days of elementary school, and when we used to play M.A.S.H. and make fortune tellers (also known as “cootie catchers”). Then I thought, why not make one of these into a valentine?

I’ve decided to share my PA Dutch Valentine Printable with you, along with step-by-step instructions, in case you weren’t privy to (or just can’t recall how to) making these paper games. Instead of getting a “fortune” when you choose your final number, you get a PA Dutch Saying about love/friendship!

Here’s how to make yours:

First, print out the PDF, and use either a paper trimmer, or scissors to cut on the dotted line (this is designed to be 8.5″ x 8.5″).


Next, fold it in half both ways, making a good crease (photo below). When you unfold the second time, your creases will make a cross or an ‘x’ on the paper.


Put the paper on the table printed side down, and fold each corner in to meet the middle.


Then flip the paper over so that the PA Dutch icons and numbers are facing the table, and fold each corner again into the middle (photo below). When you are finished, all your numbers will be on one side, and the PA Dutch icons will be on the other side. Your fortune teller will be in a perfect square.


Next, flip your paper and fold it both ways to make nice creases.


Finally, slide your fingers into the fortune teller as shown in the first photo below, one thumb and index finger under each PA Dutch icon. Fluff the sides up until it looks like the second photo below.


Last, enjoy the game! Instructions on how to play below!


If you’re not quite sure on the instructions to play, you can follow this simple method of the game!

Player A: Asks “choose a PA Dutch icon.” (Holding the game closed so that Player B only sees the four icons)
Player B: Chooses one of the four icons. (for example, Buggy)

Player A: Spell out “Buggy,” holding the game with your thumb & index fingers of each hand, alternate pinching on “B,” pulling on “U,” pinching on “G,” etc. Once completed, ask Player B to choose a number.
Player B: Chooses a number. (for example 3)

Player A: Count to “3” while pinching on “1” and pulling on “2,” etc. Once completed, ask Player B to choose another number.
Player B: Chooses a number. (for example 5)

Player A: Open the flap with the number 5 on it, and read the PA Dutch Saying under the flap to reveal Player B’s valentine!

*If you want to extend the game, you can repeat the middle step a few times (choosing three numbers before opening the flap).


Home brewing sweet sun tea

One of my favorite things to make on these warm spring days is Sun Tea. Have you ever had it? You take a jar, fill it with water and 4-5 tea bags (whatever flavor is your favorite – my husband & I just like plain with sugar). Instead of using your stove to boil water for tea, use the sunlight! Put the jar outside where the sun strikes it and leave it in the sun for 3-5 hours – sometimes you have to move it if you’ve got trees that create shade. Once it’s reached the strength you like, you take it inside and put it in the fridge – you can add sugar while it’s still warm if you’d like.

The slow seeping has brings out a different flavor from the tea, so it might not taste quite like what you are used to from using boiling water – it will be more mellow. It will not keep as well as iced tea made from boiling water, so drink it up in two or three days.

Enjoy this delicious warm spring/hot summer day drink!

Stately home, lovingly restored

One of our staff out in the Visitors Center here in Lancaster County was able to visit the Olde Square Inn, and she wanted to share about it, so this is what she had to say!

The Olde Square Inn is a beautiful stately home, lovingly restored, right on the Main Street of Mount Joy, where you can walk to numerous restaurants, shops, places of interest.  Strategically located between Lancaster and Hershey, close to a winery and several of our Rivertowns, and only 15-20 minutes to downtown Lancaster – and you can even see Amish buggies passing through on the way to their nearby farms.  The charming innkeeper is very knowledgeable about local history and can recommend some of the “out of the way” places in the area.  She serves an awesome breakfast consisting of homegrown and local products, and especially loves hosting teas and weekend retreats.

The elegant carriage house is perfect for a romantic get-away or family of four and is handicapped accessible.  Lovely gardens and a pool are additional amenities.

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