The Amish Village

A lot of people come here to see the Amish lifestyle, but because it’s against their religion to take photos of their faces, and because it’s not polite to go and knock on their door as if they themselves are a tourist attraction, there are places like The Amish Village that can let you know about their lifestyle without being invading!

I recently went to The Amish Village with some of my friends, and we got to see some really cool stuff in the store, where EVERYTHING is made in PA (a lot of the crafts are made by Amish families here in Lancaster). From there, we took a tour of the house. It’s so interesting to see how they’ve adapted to modern appliances – such as a fridge that is run with propane. They don’t decorate their walls with anything that’s not useful, so you’ll find lots of calendars (because they tell you the date) and things that hold objects such as sewing scissors hung in elaborately patterned holders hung on the wall.

The Amish VillageThere’s lots to see and learn about at The Amish Village outside the house as well. There’s a barn structure that holds horses, mules, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals that you can see. There’s a one room school house, some different types of farm equipment, as well as some different types of buggies that you can get in and see what it’s like on the inside. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions we had!

One of my favorite things to see was inside the one room schoolhouse, there are some local teachers who bring the artwork of the local students to hang up around the classroom to make it more authentic! Also to see how all the children start out as small children at the small desks in the front of the classroom, and then work their way back to the largest desks at the back of the room when they reach the eighth grade.

To view more photos from our trip, click here.

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